Tanning Tips For A Flawless Glow


Everyone has their own way of tanning and we all have tips that help with achieving that flawless glow. But, we have also all had those ‘oops’ moments when we have overdone it on those drier areas! I have quite dry skin and this method should hopefully help you to avoid any tanning mishaps in the future.


I recommend using a tan with a guide colour if you are a beginner so that you can see where you are applying the product. You can see my application in the video below.

Products of choice

Garnier moisturiser. This really does give you intense hydration!

Bondi Sands Aero Express. This is so lightweight on your skin, produces a lovely olive colour and dries super fast!

St Tropez Purity Mist – easy, lightweight and a great facial top up throughout the week.

St Tropez gel – You can use this during the daytime, it doesn’t transfer and gives a warm glow to the skin.

Glo by Lydia Independent tanner – exfoliation and application tools to give you that flawless look!


Day before:

Shave – Use an exfoliating mitt to remove dead skin cells first and to lift up the hairs. 

Scrub  – Using the mitt and back scrubber. Include ankles, feet, knees, around neck, wrists, elbows, knuckles, around armpits. Anywhere where you are drier or notice that tan clings to.

Moisturise your whole body!


Tan day: Day 1

Shave and exfoliate all over again.

Moisturise your face and your extra dry areas. eg: (knees, ankles, elbow, hands)

Wait for your skin to cool after the shower and for your pores to close.

If you have large pores on your face and your moisturiser has sunk in, moisturise again (trust me).

Moisturise the full foot and ankle, the knees including underneath knee, around but not on the armpits if tan clings here, the elbows, inner elbows and inner arms, wrists and hands. You can moisturise around the hairline but personally I don’t.


Let’s tan!

Velour mitts are soft and I find that these blend the product the best.

If you are using Bondi Sands Aero, it dries fast so work in smaller areas.

Use only one side of the mitt to tan with. Use the other side of the mitt to blend the edges of the tan and the bottom of it as an eraser.

Apply tan to the mitt and spread onto the lower part of the legs in circular motions. Use any excess for the feet and get in between the toes. Do not go on top of the ankle bones. Remove tan from the ankles using the back, bottom part of the mitt.

Apply to thighs and use the excess for across the knees.

Use a back applicator if you have one. Move the applicator in all different directions including up the neck. Blend and excess product around but not on, the armpits.

Move onto the tummy, chest and neck. Blend in around the armpits again.

Use the excess product on the face. Work on the perimeter first and then the center of the face. Skim areas of the face that have large pores (eg: T zone).  I wipe off around my mouth. 

Tan the tops of the arms, avoiding elbows. Take the rest of the tan underneath. Going slightly lighter here will give a more natural look. 

Moisturise the hands again if it has come off inside of the mitt.

Tan the backs of hands, then use excess product for fingers and thumbs. Blend in between the fingers and remove tan from the wrist bone, all knuckles, sides of thumb joint and palms.

Run moisturiser over the knuckles.

Wipe the insides of the hands on a towel.


(Double layer of tan) Wait 30 mins for tan to dry. Reapply but go lighter on feet, insides of arms and don’t apply to fingers. Only apply to contours of the face.

Moisturise hands about 60mins later. Wash off hands after a few hours.

Wear to bed or wash off if you have tanned in the morning.

Watch my application here, or read on to see how I maintain the tan throughout the week!



The next day, ‘Day 2’:

Wash off tan if worn to bed.

Scrub and shave.



Day 3

Shower, exfoliate, shave

Use purity mist and St Tropez gel. I don’t moisture when using this. Avoid the ankles and elbows. Wash hands after a few hours. Spread product thinly across feet, knees and hands.


Day 4.

Shower, exfoliate, shave,

Repeat purity gel and mist for face / or you can just moisturise if you are happy with the colour. 

If you haven’t moisturised, do so before bed so that you wake up with perfectly prepped skin for the next day.


If you have any of your own tips, please leave them in the comments. I hope that these tips are helpful to you for getting that flawless glow!

Lisa x


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