5 Makeup Tips That I Swear By

Moisturise If anything, over moisturise! I find that if I do my skincare routine and then wait a little while, my skin may have absorbed that first layer of moisture and I may need to go back in with more.…


5 Skincare Saviours You Need!

I have come a long way with my skincare routine! From a girl who didn’t take her makeup off at night and loved a makeup wipe, to a woman who double cleanses and has at least a 4 step evening…


Beauty Standards

THE PODCAST! I feel quite proud of myself for starting a new creative project! It has been a long time since I have felt motivated and confident enough to put myself out there like this. This is the Beauty Standards…

South Wales, UK.


As I sit to write this post, everything and yet nothing is running through my brain at the same time. So much has changed that makes me ‘me’ in the past year alone and yet to most people I probably look and seem the same as before.


Styling Summer Blues

When I say summer blues, I don’t mean that I am feeling particularly low, or that I am suddenly a jazz and blues player. But, the baby blues seem to burst into fashion around springtime and are paired with white…


The 6 BEST Primers!

Shop the post: It took me a while to realise the benefit of primers, to be honest with you. I really could not see the point of putting a thin layer of nothing on underneath your makeup, which didn’t really…


OOTD in London

OOTD in London I was recently in Kensington, London for an overnight stay and couldn’t help but fall in love with the surroundings! My outfit here was just right for the daytime but I would definitely add another layer for…


Honeymoon in NYC

Our Honeymoon in NYC was the first time either of us had been to America! So we were a little bit bewildered when we stepped off of the plane. We caught the subway to our hotel in Times Square which…