Honeymoon in NYC

Honeymoon in NYC

Our Honeymoon in NYC was the first time either of us had been to America! So we were a little bit bewildered when we stepped off of the plane. We caught the subway to our hotel in Times Square which I would NOT do again! Don’t get me wrong, we used the subway several times daily with no problems, but after a few people were eyeing up my luggage I thought… maybe this wasn’t such a good idea!

One of the first things that we did was to go to the National History Museum. We both loved it and snapped a few too many pics! I will just give you a small selection as I was amazed by the dinosaurs and animals! How huge is that blue whale?! I particularly loved the elephants and the sealife section but also loved the giftshops ha! I wanted to bring back everything!

Version 2

Version 2

Version 2


Version 2

After this we walked straight over into Central Park and what a beautiful place it is! I am pretty sure we walked miles and miles. We also had a horse and carriage ride where the horseman proceeded to reassure me how well looked after the horses were and that they work in shifts to ensure that they are not too hot or tired.  At one point, we stumbled upon the lake with turtles which we did not know about and I think I squealed like a girl ha! A little bit of a difference to the creatures in UK waters!

We sat down for a while to rest our legs (OMG the park is MASSIVE) and saw a blogger! Shoutout to whoever you are! Go girl! I found that people aren’t as shy about taking photographs and filming. If the UK was like that then I think I wouldn’t be as self-conscious.

We loved the whole vibe of the park. Live music, activities taking place, people enjoying the outdoors. A fantastic green space!




We did all of the tourist-y things and visited Staten island, top of the rock, the empire estate, watched the Lion King (OH MY…AMAZING), watched a lacrosse game, and many more things. We definitely had a jam packed honeymoon! We also took the time to visit ground zero to find the name of a family friend and pay respects. What a beautiful memorial it is!




Adam also tried to throw me off from the Top of the Rock…. Wasn’t impressed…




Finally, let me just talk to you about the food. If I lived in New York I think I would be in food heaven! Pizza from a little pizza shop which was just a slice may I add because it was made for giants. And I wanted to take ‘Fresh and Co’ home with me because their food was to die for!


fresh and co

What has been the best place that you have travelled to? What should be on my travel list?! Can you post me some food please??!!!! Thanks!

Much Love,





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