Opinions and Honesty

All opinions and views mentioned either here or on any of my other social media sites are my own. These views are shared with you to give you information on products and a look into my daily life and interests. Not everyone will agree with my opinions on products etc and the information here is therefore for reference and enjoyment purposes only. 

When I receive products from brands, I will only mention them if I believe that they have worked for me and are worth sharing with you. This way, my social network sites can continue to be honest. I will not mention products if I have not enjoyed using them. If I do receive products and these feature in a blog post or across my platforms, then this will be noted. Similarly, if I am sponsored for a review of any kind, then readers and viewers will be made aware.

There are links throughout this blog and across my platforms that are affiliate links. These enable me to earn a very small commission on product sales. This site therefore uses cookies, as on the majority of sites.


Image Credits

The majority of images found here are my own and should not be used without prior permission. If you wish to use an image of mine then please contact me for permission and I will happily look into what you wish to use the image for. Any other images, such as those in my shop, are links from a direct website where I am promoting a product that I love.