Vegan and GF Carrot Cake

I have made this cake 4 times since we unpackaged our Thermomix TM6,┬ájust a few weeks ago. We have used it so much for so many of the cookidoo recipes but this has become one of my faves to make.…


Beauty Standards

THE PODCAST! I feel quite proud of myself for starting a new creative project! It has been a long time since I have felt motivated and confident enough to put myself out there like this. This is the Beauty Standards…

South Wales, UK.


As I sit to write this post, everything and yet nothing is running through my brain at the same time. So much has changed that makes me ‘me’ in the past year alone and yet to most people I probably look and seem the same as before.


Honeymoon in NYC

Our Honeymoon in NYC was the first time either of us had been to America! So we were a little bit bewildered when we stepped off of the plane. We caught the subway to our hotel in Times Square which…