Books To Motivate You During Quarantine

One thing that always makes me feel more positive and inspired for the future is reading motivational books. Something that I need to do a bit more of myself at the moment. Texts that inspire you to make a positive change in your life or to feel more content with the world around us are always worth sharing. I have a video talking about 10 of my favourites where I tell you a little more about each book and how it changed my life, but here I want to share a few of my past favourites, without giving too much away.

It had to be my first book here and I need to read this again. Lifechanging! Find it on amazon here.

A scientific look into meditation and more. An amazing look into how the brain works and how we can have an effect on our bodies. Find it here.

Sort your routines out and understand how much sleep you actually need to function properly! This talks about climate and your surroundings. Find it here.

Tired of worrying about how you are portrayed? Give it a read!!

A very interesting insight into habits and how they change our lives in both a positive and negative way. Find it here.

Let me know your recommendations for motivating texts and if you read any of the ones that I have recommended. Whatever you do during this time, remember that there is no right or wrong and as Sarah Knight says, ‘You do you’.



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