5 Skincare Saviours You Need!

I have come a long way with my skincare routine! From a girl who didn’t take her makeup off at night and loved a makeup wipe, to a woman who double cleanses and has at least a 4 step evening routine. I have built up my knowledge over the years of what actually works in the industry and I love the science behind it all. Below, I am specifically talking about what currently works for me and why.

At this time of year my skin is adapting from being dry and dehydrated looking to being out in the sun a bit more and becoming more of a combination type. This is one of the reasons that we shouldn’t stick to the same skincare all of the year round because our skin’s needs are different dependent up on the season/weather and as I have come to find out, dependent upon our hormones.

  1. A gentle cleanser. I love this cleanser because it does what it promises to – cleanses gently. It is great because it doesn’t over strip the skin and cause you to produce even more oils and also is gentle and nourishing enough to use on dry skin. I double cleanse with this morning and night using the Luna for my second cleanse. This is an amazing tool that is hygenic and doesn’t need replacement heads, lasts a whopping 8 months on one charge and is waterproof! It gets into the pores for a deep cleanse and they sell a mini version if you don’t want to spend as much. Once cleansed I use hot water on a muslin cloth and am always surprised as to what is left on the cloth afterwards!

2. Toners. My current go-tos are the Vinoperfect for an everyday brightening and the Pixi Glow Tonic for a gentle exfoliating glow. The Vinoperfect is gentle and I can use this any day, at any time and know that I won’t have any reaction, yet benefit from brightening! I use the glow tonic when my skin starts to look a little dull and I haven’t had an exfoliating treatment. Typically, this is every 2 to 3 days in the morning. It is again, really gentle but does what it claims to.

3. Treatments. I now have a cupboard full and I love them! They can be in the form of a serum or more water-based but the general idea is that they will treat an area of concern before you seal everything in with your moisturiser. The only thing you need to remember is that you apply the thinnest consistency first – oils last (after moisturiser) as the molecules are bigger and won’t let the smaller ones into your skin!

The one I want to tell you about here is vitamin C. This is a powerful little weapon for brightening, evening skin-tone and the signs of ageing, and is an anti-oxidant. The one I use is in a powder form and needs to be mixed with another product. I recommend hyaluronic acid which is naturally found in your body and keeps hydration levels up! It grabs onto water molecules and so I tend to spritz with this afterwards too for a little extra love! This one is a little gentler if you are new to vitamin C.

4. Moisturisers. I have four to share with you here because I love them all. Lano and Embryolisse are the most affordable but equally as great as the other two if you want to keep costs down. I love Lano and use it every night as a thicker cream to seal everything in. This is so good for dry skin and you can use this everywhere! Embryolisse is used by makeup artists as a primer, moisturiser and a makeup remover and sits beautifully under makeup. It is light and a great one to keep! My everyday morning moisturiser at the moment is LalaRetro which is nourishing with 6 oils yet isn’t greasy, sits well under makeup and is nice and light. My favourite eye cream for the evening is from Kiehl’s and it doesn’t migrate into my eyes. Woohoo! After moisturising with your chosen product you can use oils for extra hydration too.

5. Deep treatments. An an extra little nugget, let’s talk about deeper treatments as our final skincare saviour. We could talk masks for nourishment but my all-time loves at the moment are peels. I would use these as my very first step after cleansing. Both of the products pictured do a similar thing but I feel that the Darphin peel is a little stronger and therefore is not for sensitive skin. I classed myself as having sensitive skin but my tolerance has built up over time. I love the instant overnight, youthful glow that this gives me! The second peel is a two-step treatment with pads that you glide over the skin. There is no down time and they are easy to use. You can purchase a set of 5 treatments if you don’t want to splash out on the 30 day pots.

What are your faves? Let us know!!

Lisa x


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