5 Makeup Tips That I Swear By

  1. Moisturise

If anything, over moisturise! I find that if I do my skincare routine and then wait a little while, my skin may have absorbed that first layer of moisture and I may need to go back in with more. Regardless of whether you have dry skin or not, moisturiser provides your skin with what it needs before you are placing makeup products on top of it. It sits so much nicer on top of healthy plump skin! I recommend this moisturiser which is great for rescuing and prepping the skin.

2. Eyeliners. Both light and dark.

The first trick that I have been doing for years is adding a light eyeliner to the lower waterline. White can be too harsh but a peach eyeliner can really make you look as though you have had a restful nights sleep and your eyes bright and fresh. Dark eyeliner can then be used above the upper lash line to shape the eye. You can completely transform the shape of the eye depending on how you place your eyeliner. I like to opt for a small cat flick to lift my eyes and I LOVE this eyeliner for the control and staying power that it gives me.

3. Prime and Set. PRIME AND SET

I notice the difference when I don’t follow these steps, believe me. I honestly now believe that there is no point in applying makeup unless you prime and set as makeup doesn’t last as long and you don’t get the best results from your products.

Your primer choice will depend totally upon your skin’s needs and for me, this is hydration, glow and filling in those pores. I have used the Laura Mercier Radiance Primer for years and often mix it in with my CC serum. They have had a recent change up with their primers and you can find them here. For setting my makeup, I have not swayed away from this bad boy in years as it’s staying power is amazing!

4. Contour

Cool tones work best for this although I am partial to using a bit of bronzer to contour with! Cool tones work best because they are what natural shadows would look like on your face and therefore look more convincing if you are drastically changing your face shape! Don’t be put off by contouring though! As long as you don’t have harsh lines, it can create shape to the face. After we tend to use a one colour foundation, we need to add depth back and our faces naturally have high and low lights.

5. GLOW!

A glow makes you look healthy! You don’t want to look sweaty or over shimmery but products that give a healthy-looking glow can make all the difference. I love the CC serum mentioned above and if you don’t mind a light coverage, this tinted moisturiser maintains the full glow! To then set this look, to get rid of the ‘sweaty’ appearance and to maintain the glow I love to use CC powders – Apricot glow for the centre of the face and Sunny flash to bronze.

Were any of these tips new or helpful for you? Let me know! What would you like to see next?

Stay safe, Lisa x


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